Teens came together to speak out against tobacco use.

The group Reality Check hosted the Seen Enough Tobacco rally in Cazenovia Thursday. The teens believe the tobacco companies’ marketing tactics are deceptive.

They marched to Lakeland Park, where they set up displays featuring statistics about marketing and youth smoking.

"It's inspiring to see other people who have the same ideas and passion as I do,” said High School Graduate Lauren Cybul. “And I enjoy helping other people and telling them how I do in my community so they can bring it back to theirs, and I also enjoy taking ideas that other groups have done for me to take it back to my community."

"It's like a drug to them,” said High School Sophomore Josh Drake. “They can't stop, and that's what we're trying to get them to not even start. The farther they're away from it, the less they see, makes it better."

The group says the average age of a new smoker is now just 13 years old.