Build-A-Bear Workshops across the country brought in quite the crowds at various malls to the point where lines were shut down.

The decision came down to shopper safety.

It was Pay Your Age Day at the workshop, which means just as it sounds.

Whatever your age is, that's what you pay for a furry friend. 

The deal drew hundreds to the mall.

Lines wrapped from the store to around the food court which is located at a completely different entrance. 

People waited hours to get stuffed animals.

Some expected the long wait and others were a bit taken aback.

"Well, I didn't know what was happening, but as soon as I did I figured out that it would be a really long line," said Sophie Ranieri, a shopper.

"I knew there was a line. I knew there would be, but I was just curious. When I was told there was a seven hour wait, I said okay and then they offered me a voucher and I said done," said Peter, another shopper.

A number of the people who weren't able to make it into the store in time for the deal were offered vouchers.

Build-a-Bear apologized in a statement regarding the long lines and disappointed guests.

Representatives say the vouchers will be honored until the last day of August.