SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Families in the city of Syracuse have seen their share of violence over the past few months.

But, a local teen is hoping his music will inspire neighbors to choose a brighter future.

Truth Speaker, known as the "Voice of the Youth" is an 18-year-old that writes and produces music with positive messages.

He performs across the state and has spoken out against gun violence and other crimes.

His latest song is "Stop the Killing in My City," which pays tribute to gun violence victim Rasheed Baker, Stephen Clark in Sacramento and Parkland, Florida victims and survivors.

He hopes people listen and understand how violence impacts an entire community.

"It's heartbreaking really because you never really know who those people could grow up to be this early. I mean, you could have killed the soon-to-be President of the United States of America or a lawyer or a doctor," said Truth Speaker.

Truth Speaker is working on a video for his latest track, featuring local kids and mothers who have lost loved ones to gun violence. 

Mahkai Bailey [Truth Speaker] will be attending Cazenovia College as an incoming freshman seeking his bachelor’s degree in fine arts this fall. He was awarded a presidential scholars award, which the college's highest academic scholarship -- to help cover the cost of tuition. Bailey will receive $22,000 per year for 4 consecutive years.