While the waters at Otter Lake looked serene Tuesday afternoon, it was anything but on Monday afternoon.

"We have several young teenagers along with, on a boat ride with Mr. Eckrich," said Trooper Jack Keller of the New York State Police.

State Police said Francis Eckrich was operating this boat at a high rate of speed, and attached to it was a tube with his son, 12-year-old Kaden Eckrich and another 12-year-old.

"It appears at this point, that as he took that blind corner around the inlet, he wasn't able to see the pontoon boat which was already in-place and anchored in that area," Keller said.

At the last second, Eckrich moved to avoid the anchored boat, but in the process, his son Kaden was ejected and hit it.

"The gentleman on the pontoon boat, along with another several other boats who sees the crash, race over as quick as possible to assist the young boy. Unfortunately, he was transported and he succumbed to his injuries," said Keller.

The other child was not injured.

Kaden was a student in the Madison Central School District.

"Kaden was a good student," said Madison Central School District Superintendent Michael Davis. "He was going into seventh grade, good athlete also. Got along well with students who were younger and older than him. That's what makes it so difficult, that he has a wide range of friends here in the district who like him in all grades."

Superintendent Michael Davis said Kaden played baseball.

The Madison Central School District is providing counseling services.

The investigation continues.

At this point, no charges have been filed.