SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A Syracuse University professor is looking to shine a light on an issue that affects women and men around the globe.

“Right now, I'm working on a big project. It's called ‘Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer,’ and it's going to be a multimedia installation and at the heart of which is a photo exhibition of breast cancer survivors,” Syracuse University Professor Tula Goenka said.

Goenka is asking any Central New York survivors of the disease to bare it all for the cause.

“People can come in and have their photograph taken anonymously,” she said. “It will be a close-up of their bare chest. And, we're looking for men, because men get it too. We're looking for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.”

For Goenka, it's a piece of work that hits close to home.

“I was actually diagnosed when I was pretty young, or what is considered young. I was 44 years old. It was 2006,” Goenka said.

Now, 12 years later and cancer-free, she hopes to help others get through the diagnosis.

"What we're saying is, ‘You can look at us and it's nothing to be ashamed of. We are still women. Our breasts may have been taken away from us, or mutilated, or whatever it is, but we're still here. we are survivors, we're feminine, we're sexy and we're here and we're not ashamed of it," she said.

Any breast cancer survivor who would like to participate can click here.

The exhibition will open in October.