KIRKVILLE, N.Y. -- Ticks are the pesky little bugs always looking for good meal. One Central New York resident may have found a way to get rid of them.

Jason Dean of Kirkville is a science teacher. He developed a device that would help homeowners decrease the number of ticks in their yards. 

He created a roller that attracts the ticks. Then, Jason sucks them into this tank filled with water. The UVC light inside radiates the bug and is later filtered out. 

Jason says the best thing about the device is that it's chemical-free. 

"A lot of homeowners are quite weary about the use of chemicals. I wanted to try and provide a solution, so that we didn't have to worry about the potential harmful effects maybe not immediately from the sprays, but over time, I think you're endangering both your pets and family by using the chemicals," said Dean.

Jason came up with the idea after his neice contracted Lyme disease and was partially paralyzed.

There's no name for the device yet, but there are multiple versions of the device for homeowner and commercial use.