The 'Syracuse Silver Knights' indoor soccer team is moving, but they're not going far. They're heading down the Thruway to Utica and being given a new brand. 

Wednesday, The Major Arena Soccer League introduced the Utica City Football Club and their home turf will be the Adirondack Bank Center. 

Players and their bosses say they're sad to leave Syracuse, but are excited to see what Utica has to offer. 

"I've been to Comets games before and, you know, their problem of selling out every game, I hope that's our problem of selling out every game. So we're really excited. I know this is a big hockey town, but it's really a big soccer town. There's a lot of different countries represented in Utica and we look forward to having them at our games," said Tommy Tanner, general manager of Utica City FC.

Utica City will play 12 home games, from December through March. Season tickets go on sale Thursday.