With the recent passing of fashion designer Kate Spade and television personality and chef Anthony Bourdain, there's been a lot of conversation about suicide, signs to look for, and how to get help.

But what happens to the loved ones left behind?

They are called suicide survivors, and there are supports groups to turn to, at organizations like Hope for Bereaved out of Syracuse.

Losing a loved one to suicide is not as uncommon as you might think. And, the survivors are left with a variety emotions to sort through.

"You can feel a little crazy because you can't sleep, you're having running, I call them hamster wheels. Thougths when you think about it and try to rearrange everything that led up to that suicide. What I could've done, what I should've done. You will stop doing it eventually because it's exhausting but you will keep trying to find a different outcome," says Kim Bermel, Hope for Bereaved Grief Counselor. 

Hope for Bereaved holds the suicide survivor support groups twice a month on Wednesday evenings.

Binghamton General Hospital holds one every other Tuesday evening.