Local strawberry farmers are making their deliveries to fill grocery store shelves with the summertime favorite.

"Customers love it that we have the fresh grown strawberries that they're picked even sometimes that same day delivered  right to the store," said Price Chopper Store Manager John Dean.

But, before the berries make it for the sale, they start out in the fields.

"In May here we actually had really warm beautiful weather, so they really have grown quite a bit here in the month of May. And, now we're into June and we're picking every day. And the crop's looking really good," said Karin Reeves of Reeves Farms.

Reeves Farms has about 25 acres of strawberries. And they say the best time to pick them is right now. 

"Strawberry season in New York is extremely short. If you go to other states they usually pick for two to three months. For us we usually pick for about four weeks. And that's from the very first strawberry we pick to the very last so those first couple times we pick we might only pick a few cases. And, at the end we're only picking a few cases. So there's really I would say about two to two and a half weeks where we have a lot of berries," said Reeves.

Reeves says strawberries grow best in warm temperatures with dry conditions.

"Right now when we're getting some 80 degree days it's a little too hot. They're going to ripen faster and they're probably going to come on faster and maybe end a little quicker so it'd be great if every day was like 70 degrees, no rain for the whole month of June," she said.