The Onondaga County District Attorney reveals new details about a crash that killed three young people earlier this year.

That includes the suspect allegedly hiding in his mother's bedroom after fleeing the scene.

Anthony Saccone was in court for a pre-trial hearing Tuesday.

Saccone is charged with depraved indifference murder for the February crash.

Authorities say Saccone was traveling 86 miles per hour when he ran a red light and hit the victims' car in the early hours of February 23, killing 18-year-old Michael Walker, 19-year-old Baylie Rose and 20-year-old Samra Osmanovic.

Saccone's attorney wants the depraved indifference charge dropped from the grand jury indictment.

He says it's not supported by the evidence.

But District Attorney William Fitzpatrick says Saccone didn't care about the possible of his actions after he allegedly had been drinking and taking drugs.

He says moments before the crash, Saccone's girlfriend called.

The DA argues Saccone then made a choice, even though he knew the danger.

“Not only does he proceed at an aggressive rate of speed, almost three times the posted limit, he knows the light is going to be red, he even crosses the center line and goes into the oncoming lane of traffic and then wipes out three young people," Fitzpatrick said.

The judge has not issued a ruling on the motion because he is still reviewing the grand jury minutes and written arguments.