EAST SYRACUSE, NY -- It hasn't really had the impact that was promised, now there's hope new leadership might revitalize the Central New York Film Hub.

Onondaga County is taking over the $14 million facility, acquiring it for $1.

The Film Hub was built in 2015 to encourage filmmakers to make movies in Central New York.

When Governor Cuomo announced the facility, he said it would create hundreds of jobs. 

While it has been used for some projects, it has fallen short of expectations and early promises.

Now, the hub will be run by a local development corporation created by the county, called Greater Syracuse Soundstage.

"I've seen at least a dozen separate sets built there. There's a new wall that's been built there, sort of like a green screen. So a lot of good things have happened there but I think we can do more," said Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney. 

Mahoney said there are also other proposals being considered that would enhance the Film Hub facility and create jobs. 

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