WATERVILLE, N.Y. -- Among the kids eating lunch at Memorial Park Elementary School in Waterville were a few adults.

State Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball and Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente took a seat and joined the students for a lunch featuring all New York State items.

It was to recognize "New York Food Day" and celebrate the Mohawk Valley Farm-to-School Initiative.

The school Principal said cost is the biggest reason why all meal items aren't local, but she hopes it'll happen one day.

"That would be phenomenal. I know we have looked into it. There are still a few little glitches to get through to make that happen," said Memorial Park Elementary School Principal Maureen Gray.

"Starting here with our students is a big first step to let them understand where all of this food comes from. And that it's grown here, it's produced here, and how important it is for their nutrition and for the economy," said Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente.

The lunches had all beef, all local hot dogs, Utica-grown microgreens, Allegany County cheddar cheese, local applee, and state milk and yogurt.