UTICA, N.Y. -- Thomas R. Proctor High School teamed up with the Utica Police Department for a special training event.

Officers taught teachers how to respond in an active shooter situation on Tuesday.

Educators have previously participated in roundtable discussions, but this was an actual simulation.

Officials said the exercise helps prepare teachers and police for serious situations.

"It's important that we have familiarity with their staff, and their facilities in the event that, God forbid, something like this does happen. This way, we have a better coordinated response and hopefully save lives," said Utica Police Chief Mark Williams.

"We always say, 'Oh it could never happen to us.' But the reality today is it can happen to us so we really have to have our ducks in a row," said Utica City School District Board of Education member Michele Mandia.

School officials want to keep having these and other types of drills take place routinely.