There continues to be mixed reactions on the Supreme Court's move that gives the go-ahead to states to legalize sports gambling.

States that want to offer legal sports betting may now do so, and New York may be one of the first to join the list.

The Oneida Indian Nation is able to offer sports gambling at their casinos immediately due to a 1993 Gaming Compact.

Nation officials say they're continuing to work on plans for sports gaming soon.

The New York Council on Problem Gambling is one group concerned about the move. 

It's a non-profit independent group dedicated to increasing public awareness about problem gambling.

"Anytime we see an expansion of gambling, we know there's going to be more availability and more opportunity and those are the two warning signs for us," said New York Council on Problem Gambling Executive Director Jim Maney. 

Maney said his group is preparing more efforts to promote the dangers of gambling. 

Meanwhile, as part of a statement, an Oneida Nation representative said

"The Nation has made preparations to offer sports betting at venues throughout the Oneida reservation, and we will be putting those plans into operation in the near future. We anticipate that sports betting at the Nation will create numerous new job opportunities at each of our casinos."

While Native-American run casinos can now offer sports betting, other non-Indian and state run casinos will have to wait for the state. 

The American Gaming Association estimates that U.S. residents place about $150 billion in illegal bets on games each year.