Saturday was a perfect day to head out to the park. Across New York State, thousands of volunteers did just that. 

It was I Love My Park Day and more than 135 state and national parks as well as historic sites participated, including Green Lakes and Delta Lake State Parks.  

Volunteers at Delta Lake State Park picked up trash, cleaned debris off the beach and poured fresh mulch on the trails. 

While those helping at Green Lakes helped prepare the park's urban garden, remove debris from the cabin area and beautify around the park office. 

"Getting ready for the summer after the winter we had, this is a very busy time for us and so the help is so appreciated. I don't know if we'd get as much done, as we're going to get done today," said Laura Tully, Green Lake's State Park Manager.

Park officials say help is needed all year round to keep the parks in pristine condition.