Could we see beaches along Onondaga Lake?

Area officials are once again looking into the idea, which dates back to 1975.

A meeting was held Wednesday to discuss conducting a feasibility study, which has been in the county's infrastructure plan since 2015. The study would be funded by a $330,000 grant.

Officials say they are looking for a spot somewhere on the eastern side of the lake, but they need to consider everything.

"Once you have your feasible [study], it has to go through the feasibility process of where's the best location for this, what makes the most sense. There's factors like where the waves hit and what not. And then to take that information and then create a design so we have a full idea of what the cost is going to be," said Travis Glazier, the director of the county's Office of the Environment.

Willow Bay and Long Branch Park were two possible locations brought up during discussions by the Onondaga County Environmental Protection Committee.