There will be one less elementary school in the Camden Central School District. This comes after the board voted to close the Annsville Elementary at the end of the year. 

The district has a $1.5 million gap to close in this year's budget. According to the superintendent, their options were limited. He says the only options were layoffs or move forward with the closure. There will be no job cuts this year, but there will be a two percent increase in the tax levy.

The board's decision to close Annsville came after several budget meetings. Some parents say the board is moving forward too quickly with the decision.

"They're going to jam them into a school with a bunch of other teachers and students. They're basically doubling the size of what they're use to. So when they're in a class they're not going to be able to focus the way they use to," said Annsville parent Lloyd Seymour. 

"We were fortunate enough with the board supporting this recommendation, we were able to hold onto everyone and maintain the services and programs we currently have with no layoffs," said Camden Central School District Interim Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Bryant.

All services, programs, staff and students K to 4th grade from Annsville will move to Camden Elementary School next year. All pre-k students will move to McConnellsville Elementary.  Parents are also worried about the long commute times for students to get to their new schools. The district says it will now begin working on a transition plan.