If you think the morning drive is bad in Florida, drivers in Puerto Rico are dealing with far worse conditions several months after Hurricane Maria.

Islanders still endure massive power outages in the wake of the September 2017 storm, and it makes for some dangerous driving.

Traffic lights were out at almost every intersection we went through from San Juan to Ponce and Coamo to Guayama.

The driver of one yellow semi honked and hit the gas, forcing his was through an ocean of vehicles. It's not just the semis and delivery trucks, but everyone else is doing it, too.

It's a two-part problem: Lights aren't working, and some are hanging by a thread.

Imagine having to deal with it as a tourist, but also how stressful and dangerous it is for locals in Puerto Rico. They just hope to arrive alive after taking their to kids to school and getting to work.

Conditions are a little better in rural, less-populated areas, but intersections are still dangerous all across Puerto Rico.