"Tiny little valley. Who would ever think something like this would happen?" 

Five years later. 

"A lot of sorrow for the families involved as you can still see." 

Four people killed. 

"And like two minutes later she calls me back and is like, "Our father got shot at the barber shop," said Henry Montgomery Jr.

One of those people- Henry Montgomery Jr.'s father. 

"My dad was the biggest ball-buster you would ever know," said Montgomery Jr.

Henry Montgomery Sr. was killed at John's Barber Shop on March 13th, 2013. He along with three others and a K-9 were killed when a gunman went on a rampage through the villages of Herkimer and Mohawk. The gunman killing two at the barber shop in Mohawk, two more at Gaffey's Jiffy Lube in Herkimer and a K-9 during a standoff with police. Police eventually killed the gunman ending the rampage. 

"They say it can never happen here and it did. And you don't forget that. It affected everybody in this valley. Our lives changed from the norm to realize that these things can happen here," said Mohawk Police Department Chief Joseph Malone.

"Got dressed real quick. I was on the way to the Barber Shop. I felt like I was running but going nowhere," said Montgomery Jr.

On the same day in 2018, Montgomery Jr. and his family are hosting a memorial walk to remember all the victims. They are leaving wreaths and photos at each site the gunman opened fire. Because five years passing doesn't mean the victims will ever be forgotten. 

"It's just an awesome feeling that the four men- not just my father- are being remembered like this. It's just an awesome feeling," said Montgomery Jr.