ROCHESTER, N.Y -- The Rochester City School District held a news conference this afternoon to discuss its findings following the death of 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe. 

City School Board president Van White said the district takes full responsibility for Rowe's death. After an internal investigation, it was discovered that three adults marked Rowe as being present on the day he didn’t show up to school. According to White, some employees later tried to alter attendance records as the investigation unfolded.

Rochester City School Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams revealed that 5 school staff members were deployed to greet students on March 8th. None noticed Trevyan Rowe exit the school bus and walk in the opposite direction of the school.

Deane-Williams said Rowe was classified as having a learning disability, but not designated as autistic, according to RCSD records. 

In a separate press conference less than an hour earlier, Mayor Lovely Warren emphasized that adult failures led to Rowe’s death.

According to Warren, officials determined that 911 dispatchers failed to follow protocol after receiving calls about a person on a bridge. In total, six 911 employees have been placed on administrative leave.