Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled his $168 billion state budget proposal in January.

Plans to consolidate public health disease prevention programs has left the staff of some organizations concerned.

Last year's DOH Local Program Consolidation Proposal resulted in a total of nearly $46 million in funding.

But, this year's proposal drops that down to about $37 million, or a 20% cut.

Sara Wall Bollinger with the New York State Association for Rural Health says that could pose problems for people with a chronic disease or those at risk of getting a chronic disease.

She said they've already felt effects from the last cut.

"One of the main things we ended up reducing was health promotion and education programs so visits to schools, visits to community centers or senior centers, those types of programs that get the word out were the first thing to go," she said.

Despite the proposed cuts to some areas in the budget, the State Senate recently forecasted about 1.5 billion dollars in additional state revenues.