In light of recent events, the town of Cicero decided to host active shooter training for its employees.

Officials said with Town Hall open to the public, it's important to have a plan for whatever situation or threat could arise.

The class, 'Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events,' is a new program being rolled out by the police department.

So what's the key takeaway? Avoid, deny and defend.

"Avoid the incident, if you hear shots or you hear something that isn't right get out of the situation,” said Cicero Police Sergeant James Snell. “If you see yourself involved in it - put yourself in a situation where no one can get to you - that's the deny aspect. The last aspect is to defend your life and other people’s lives as well."

The class is free and available to community groups and businesses in Cicero. Police will host a session for the public on March 24.