Syracuse's Downtown Dining Weeks are underway. 

From funky dishes at Funk n' Waffles and the milkshakes at Modern Malt to the Mediterranean styles of Goodies II, organizers said 40 restaurants are participating this year, drawing about 50,000 people downtown.

"Came in and looked at the menu and said, 'OK, you have a restaurant that only serves waffles. You better make them interesting waffles,' " said Funk n' Waffles diner David Sabain.

Participating restaurants offer three-course dinners at $25 and three-course lunches at $10. First-time participants say they see an increase of business. 

"They try you, and when they try you, they get addicted, and when they get addicted, that's it," said Goodies II Owner Chucri Ayoub. "You don't need to do anything else."

"We've seen people come in groups, which is nice," said Modern Malt server Emily Washbourn. "People who want to try drinks and want to try food, and they kind of get a flare of everything." 

Downtown Dining Weeks ends Feb. 28. If you want to check out all the participating restaurants, visit