Many local restaurants are voicing concern for themselves and their workers.

The New York State Restaurant Association along with Syracuse restaurant owners and their employees, gathered to discuss the potential elimination of the minimum wage tip credit.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked the State Department of Labor to review the tip credit, which would replace tipping with an increased minimum wage.

Workers said that tips are the majority of their income, and eliminating them would reduce their take home pay.

The owner of Joey's Restaurant says he tried this before in 2015 and it ends up affecting everyone.

"I have 40 servers here,"  said Joey DeCuffa, owner of Joey's Restaurant. "40 tipped employees. It cost me $100,000. The only way to make that up is by raising your prices so it's going to affect not only the server but the customer."

Like DeCuffa, the New York State Restaurant Association said many restaurants have instituted a no tipping policy on their own, only to drop it after complaints from both employees and customers.