How easy or difficult is it to get a gun in New York State?

New York passed the SAFE Act in 2013, in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Ra-Lin Sporting Goods in Syracuse says New York state is one of the strictest states when it comes to gun legislation.

But it depends on the type of gun. For a handgun, the buyer has to pass a background check, and a permit is required, which can take between 2 to 3 months. A class must also be taken.

In some cases, though, it's much easier.

"For a long gun, which is easiest to buy -- more than a handgun -- you can actually come in, pick it out, pay for it, do the federal form and background check, and be out of the store in 20 minutes," said Ra-Lin manager David Steinberg.

Steinberg says a conceal and carry weapon approval process can take months.

Although you can get a gun in a short amount of time, selling someone a gun also comes down to common sense, he says. At Ra-Lin, if they see a person who looks unstable or intoxicated, that person will be turned away.