Syracuse knows the plight of snow-covered sidewalks and un-plowed roads all too well but Mayor Ben Walsh says he's on a mission to tackle these problems. His first major effort was Thursday's Snow Safety Summit. 

Dozens of people attended the summit all with fresh ideas and enthusiasm on how to tackle the city's ongoing snow-removal issues. The newly-launched Syracuse Innovation Team hosted the event at Dr. Weeks Elementary School. It was all in an effort to workshop long-term solutions for these ongoing snow-related issues.

Some of the stations included voting for solutions on clearing sidewalks of snow, with an overwhelming majority voting for city sidewalk plows. Other stations included identifying problem areas for snow removal and ideation for creating snow-related fun in the city.

Despite the energy throughout the night, most people I spoke with say they're skeptical about these ideas being implemented. 

"If these ideas start to dwindle or they are not implemented, then all it is is a PR stunt," said Syracuse resident Forrest Teske. 

"We need to make sure that they see follow-through on our end and we're committed to doing that. We're going to make sure that the ideas that we receive today are put out so they can be analyzed by the broader community," Walsh said.

Additionally there was a voting booth to cast votes for areas or issues the innovation team should focus on this year. Online voting has been extended an additional day, ending at the end of Friday. You can cast your vote here.