EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- On Valentine's Day, there's no gift quite like flowers.

"Red roses," said Whistlestop Florist Associate Chick Roeschlaub. "And they are in good supply and they're really very nice." 

Roeschlaub has worked at an East Syracuse flower shop for close to 30 years. 

He said people are now buying flowers differently. 

"I can remember that we would set up two and three cash registers the days before computers. And, people would stand in line," said Roeschlaub.

Like everything else many people order their flowers online and have them delivered directly to their destination. In addition, grocery store chains are making it more convenient than ever to walk in and purchase flowers.

Today many shoppers want what's easy.

Stores like Wegman's have abundantly displayed flower assortments of all sizes along with cards, candy, and stuffed animals. 

"People want to come in and see a large array of things and pick something out and go," said Wegman's Floral Designer Christine Shephard. "It makes it a lot easier for them. So, we have so many things here," 

The National Retail Federation estimates 36% of Americans who plan to celebrate Valentine's Day will purchase flowers this year.  

Although more people than ever are shopping for convenience, one thing does remain the same. 

"We certainly hope that we're going to be here for a lot more years," said Roeschlaub. 

Local florists can survive as long as the customers keep coming back.