Instead of tests and medicine, these pediatric patients were given something else: smiles. 

The Northern New York Chapter of the For a Day Foundation threw a surprise party for the kids at Upstate Cancer Center and Golisano Children's Hospital.  Hosted by Mrs. Onondaga County, it gave them the chance to be a 'Queen for a Day’ or ‘Hero for a Day.'

The festivities came with activities for girls and boys -- manicures, superheroes, toys, tiaras and even a Syracuse football player, Kielan Whitner.

The hospital says these parties are not just fun for the kids, but also important for their outlook.

"Having an event like this to break up the day can be really beneficial for them. Again its fun and it can also be a nice break from when they're receiving their treatment," says Upstate Cancer Center Child Life Specialist Sarah Buck. 

The foundation says it wants to continue hosting events like this, but donations have been limited. If you'd like to donate to the "For A Day" foundation, you can visit this link.