Having to walk through snow can be treacherous for anyone. Based on City policy, homeowners and business owners have until 6:00 p.m. the following day after snowfall to clear these sidewalks. But, waiting until the last minute can pose a problem for others, especially those using walkers or wheelchairs. 

That's why companies such as medical transport services are reminding property owners to keep their walkways clear.

Workers at PACE CNY said covered sidewalks are a common problem. They said it makes it difficult to transport patients. 

Workers describe yesterday's snow as particularly challenging because as people shoveled, more snow came down. 

But, PACE transporters said this problem can be avoided with a snow removal plan.

"I think a lot of people put a pretty good basic plan in place as to what to do,” said PACE CNY Transportation and Facilities Management Director Peter Smith. “I think when it comes to having a backup to that plan, it doesn't go that far. So, if my first plan failed, what would I do? It's just doing that extra planning.”

If property owners do not clear walkways by the allotted time, there could be consequences from the city.