A Central New York animal shelter with construction plans in the works is urging the community to come adopt. Staff at Humane CNY in Liverpool say with a temporary move on the way, they need people to step up and take animals in.

The shelter will be moving to the temporary location within the next two months. They've been working on getting the cats, dogs and staff ready -- but the issue is that the new spot will be a tight squeeze for the 33 animals.

Humane CNY couldn't say where their exact location will be yet, but promise it'll be relatively close to the current one, on West Taft Road.

They currently house 8 dogs and 25 cats, with an additional 15 cats on the way.

The organization's building is more than 50 years old and those involved say improvements are needed, due to some major draining issues.

After more than 5 years of fundraising they now feel they can take on the $2 million project.

They'll be demolishing the majority of their shelter to rebuild and expand to fit all the animals that come in and out each year.

And an added bonus, St. Joes Hospital is covering adoption fees this entire month, so that should help people come on out and adopt in honor of National Heart Month. They say having a furry friend can help ease stress and promote good health.