Since Spectrum News reported on a dispute over an animal rescue in Palermo in September, the Oswego County SPCA says 38 animals have been surrendered. And, another 40 plus remain on the premises at "Hooves, Claws and Paws."

In the summer, the property owner and animal care taker said the animals were attended to. But, officials with the Humane Society of the United States said they were concerned about the safety of those animals.

The Oswego County SPCA president says some of the animals surrendered did need medical attention. They included chickens and goats.

She says the main concern now is shelter.

“Whether you have feathers or fur, it's still a cold night the animals deserve the proper shelter they need. And I know they're working to try to make sure that's going to happen. And we're going to continue to work with them, and vets are going to continue to check the animals to make sure that's happening as well,” said Oswego County SPCA President Tanya Semchenko.

Semchenko says they're slated to have vets come back as winter conditions set in to check on the animals.