Authorities have found a body in Lewis County, which could be the remains of man who has been missing for months.

On Monday, a hunter alerted officials after finding a person's ID inside a bag.

They later discovered the body of person near Aldrich Settlement Road in the town of Diana Tuesday.

Investigators believe it may be the remains of Kenneth McCall, who disappeared 5 months ago.

McCall was last seen walking with his girlfriend around Tidd Road on June 13, which is only a miles from where his body was discovered.

Lewis County Sheriff's Office spent four days searching through 20,000 acres of woods before calling the search off.

Family members say they are frustrated with how the search played out. 

"I had asked for tracking dogs, air scent dogs, we were told no. We were told they didn't work that way. State Police offered day one to help and sheriffs said no they can handle it,” said AJ McCall, Kenneth McCall's father.

Officials are still awaiting autopsy results to confirm the identification of the body found.