SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A movie filmed right here in Syracuse is setting out to inspire the community to dream big.

It is called "The People's Champ," and is based off of a true story. 

The movie is about a young man turning his life around after meeting a homeless man who teaches him how to box.

That young man goes on to become an undefeated pro-boxer.  

Syracuse native, Martez Potter, plays the young man, and Robert Licata plays the homeless man.

During production, both lead actors died — Potter unexpectedly and Licata from cancer.

Despite the loss of their lead actors, production continued with both men serving as motivation.

"It was a devastating loss because they were beloved in the city of Syracuse by so many people. But, the director, Shamroc, he did a great job. We actually came together. We prayed on it and he saw it all the way through. Everybody just kind of gave him that motivational push to keep going, so I'm excited that he actually saw it all the way through," said Elbert Al Papers Godoy, promotional manager and actor.

The movie is set to premiere soon.