SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- The idea behind the new Tenant-Owner-Proactive (TOP) pilot program is, according to Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, for code inspectors to better know tenants and where they live.

The six-week-long program will change how inspectors are assigned to violations, using specific data points.

“Critical health and safety violations where they may be bedbugs, lead paint, where the heat may be shut off, where water is shut off, where are the blocks where they have a lot of lead paint," Miner said.

Instead of being assigned city-wide, inspectors will be assigned to certain areas, based on data that will prioritize living violations.

Landlords aren’t mandated by law to work with the program, but Miner said, “We hope that the landlords that want to work with us will see us as a partner and want to work with us. And the ones that don’t and choose to ignore their responsibilities? There will be fewer of them.”