SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Residents make a long-lasting impact on the city of Syracuse.

More than 100 volunteers spent the day planting trees in neighborhoods near Mckinley-Brighton Magnet Elementary School.

It's all a part of the Save the Rain program. Planting trees helps to manage storm water and reduce pollution. 

Volunteers split off into groups to plant 80 trees. Organizers say it's great seeing so many people get involved.

"To see everybody come out and to really care about their community not only like, they don't really care as much about the storm water capture, but they want to help beautify their neighborhood and make it a really great place for the community to live in. Seeing them come out is just really inspirational," said Clare Carney, urban forestry educator.

Each tree planted can intercept about one-thousand gallons of storm water a year.