Looking out at the water in Sackets Harbor now, everything's calm, but that wasn't the case Sunday night. 

"It progressively got worse," said Dexter resident Charles Wood. 

A 52-foot Sea Ray Sedan Bridge boat caught fire. Wood was sitting at home at the time.

"Our neighbors came over and said there was a boat on fire," said Wood.

With the fire out on the water, it took the Sackets Harbor Fire Company about 20 minutes to arrive to the scene. Luckily, Wood was able to get there sooner. Four people were aboard when the flames started roaring.

"I look 150 yards away from the boat and I could see people hollering and waving, 'help, help me,' " said Wood. 

Wood brought the owner of the boat and the three guests to shore one by one. Luckily, with his effort, no one was injured in the fire.

Despite rescuing four strangers, Wood says he doesn't feel like a hero.

"They were in the water and I brought them to shore. You know, anybody would have done it," said Wood.