They were projects that promised economic growth, new opportunities and, above anything else, hundreds of jobs in Central New York.

"Spread the word that good things are happening and more good things are going to happen. We have a momentum. We have an energy. The future is bright," Governor Andrew Cuomo said in 2015. 

But more than a year after $500 million in Upstate Revitalization Initiative funds were awarded, some, like Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, are asking where it all went. In a letter last month, Miner asked what projects were funded and how many jobs had been created.

Rob Simpson, the co-chair of the REDC, says the answer isn't that simple.

"They don't get a check on that day," Simpson said. "Frankly, they don't get a check until those jobs have been created, until the capital investments have been made. And while that may make things more difficult on the private sector, and not-for-profit institutions, it's designed to protect the taxpayers."

Simpson says the money wasn't meant to be spent in one year. Instead, it's being shelled out as pay for performance. But he says there are signs of progress, like the $20 million for the Say Yes to Education endowment.

"My understanding is right now the only thing standing between that money being in a Central New York bank account and where it is today is a sign-off from the state comptroller," Simpson said.

Other projects, Simpson believes -- like the inland port -- haven't seen enough progress.

"We want to see this project move forward," he said. "Right now, the DOT is finishing a market demand study to try to make sure we fully understand the market dynamics before what we expect the state makes a $40 to $50 million investment."

One of the biggest criticisms of the inland port has been its proposed location in the Jamesville area. Simpson says that, for now, that's still up in the air. He says officials from the town of Camillus and Oswego County have also reached out to him with interest.

The state comptroller’s office says they have nothing currently pending their approval.