AUBURN, N.Y. -- Residents in Auburn are raising money to bring a piece of Harriet Tubman's legacy to the area.

A newly discovered and extremely rare photograph of Tubman will be going up for auction Thursday. A minimum of $25,000 $30,000 is required to participate.

A fundraiser was held Monday with internationally acclaimed composer Sean McLeod performing the acoustic version of "A Soundtrack to Harriet Tubman."

Organizers of the fundraiser say the portrait doesn't belong anywhere else but Auburn.

"It's one of the few pictures that we have of her at that age, it's a newly found photo, and truly, it really belongs here at the Harriet Tubman Home. I mean, it's her picture, it's her home, the property belongs to her,” said Rev. Paul Gordon Carter, the Harriet Tubman Home site manager.

All proceeds from the ticket sales will go toward helping to purchase the photograph.

A crowdfunding site has also helped gather more than $25,000 for the cause.

For donation options, head to their website or you can send a check to: Harriet Tubman Home, 180 South Street, Auburn NY, 13021.