A new organization in Queens is bringing together young professionals in the Bukharian Jewish community.

Board members of the Bukharian Jewish Union say the group is the central hub for the professional, social, and cultural growth of Bukharian Jews in their 20s and 30s.

The organization wants to be defined for holding onto their religious traditions while integrating into the borough.

Leaders say the organization will make it easier for local Synagogues, theaters and schools to get support from the next generation.

“There is an interest among young people,” said Manashe Khaimov, the group’s Vice President of Community Relations. “And they want to take over they just do not know how, do not know who to talk to, where the information is and this is where we would be able to bridge that gap.”

“The Bukharian community, especially in Queens, needs a voice,” added the organization’s president, Betty Yusupov.

There are currently about 60,000 Bukharian Jews in the city, who emigrated primarily from central Asia.