SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- When David Haas sees a building, he looks at more than bricks, windows and stairs. What he sees is history.

With just an address, it can be tough to find.

"I consider it kind of like a puzzle," Haas said. "And I try to put the pieces of what once was there together."

The results can be fascinating, as Syracuse's history unfolds.

"I don't think a lot of people who live here understand all the positive things that our city used to have and what our city used to be and what we could be," Haas said. "So I try to highlight that in the stories."

Highlight and share. Haas is the founder of the Instagram account Syracuse History. On his page are almost 500 posts detailing the city's past.

"It started in June 2013 and hasn't stopped since," Haas said.

His page shows parts of the city that may be forgotten and his work is a way to bring it back.

"Across this city there's a lot of gorgeous architecture that we just walk by everyday," Haas said. "We don't really take a look at it. The Instagram account stops and pauses that and gives you a look at that building, that tombstone, whatever it may be." 

A glimpse into what was.

"A place to be," Haas said. "A place to expand yourself."

A place he hopes could be again