HULBERTON, N.Y. -- In the height of the summer heat, from Middleport to Brockport, the water level on the Erie Canal is receding, but it isn't due to drought.

This specific section of the Erie Canal was originally constructed in February of 1912, but recently, a leakage from the canal into a culvert below was discovered, prompting a drainage of the canal.

Crews started work on Monday and while the maintenance is restricted to the town of Hulberton, engineers have drained a larger section of the canal, with only one to two feet remaining.

Unfortunately for area boaters, any plans along the canal for the upcoming 4th of July Weekend have been preempted.

"You know a closure on the canal, especially in the height of navigation season, with the great temperatures and nice weather we've been having, is never ideal for us, however our engineers have told us that if we did not make this repair now, it could lead to larger problems down the road," NYS Canal Corporation Spokesperson Shane Mahar said.

As of now, the water-only route through the Erie Canal to the Niagara River is closed to those east of Brockport, but if boaters are determined to make it to the other Great Lakes from Ontario, they can take the Welland Canal in Canada.

The 48-hour mooring limit will be suspended at canal walls in Brockport, Spencerport, Medina, and Middleport while work is underway.

There's no word on when the project will be completed.