SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- The Onondaga Historical Association is honoring the Managing Member of the Hotel Syracuse restoration. 

Ed Riley was given the 2016 OHA Medal Award for recognition of outstanding service to local history. 

He worked very closed with the Historical Association to bring many of the details that were part of the original hotel.

"Well you know Ed Riley has done such an amazing job of bringing this historic property back and being the Onondaga Historical Association of course it means a great deal to us," said Gregg Tripoli, Onondaga Historical Association Executive Director.

"I think you know it's very gratifying and it's also very humbling and also satisfying," said Edward Riley, Hotel Syracuse Restoration LLC Managing Member. "There is a lot of work that's when into this, a lot of people have put their heart and soul into it and it was nice to have them here to share the celebration with us, it was nice to have the community here."

The hotel officially opens in July and regular tours of the historic space will be available.