BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. -- They're growing in the spring, picking berries in the summer, and harvesting apples in the fall, but what about the winter?

"People always ask, 'what do farmers do during the winter?' I get asked all the time,” said Karin Reeves, a manager at Reeves Farm in Baldwinsville.

"A lot of people assume we're either on vacation or just not here. you have to remember that this is still a modern, working there's still plenty to do,” said Michael Blair, the production manager at Abbott Farms, also in Balswinsville.

Some farms have markets they keep open year round, while all have paperwork, new construction projects, and machines to maintain.

"We do a lot of the proper repairs that we kind of jerry-rigged throughout the year just to make it work that day. There's more of those than we'd like to admit,” said Blair.

While most of the field work is wrapped up by October, November, before it gets too cold outside, that's not the case for farmers with apple trees, they're certainly used to needing to bundle up.

"There are things that need to happen, even during the middle of winter,” said Blair. “We've been out there in cross country skis and snow shoes before, pruning the apple orchard, because it needs to happen before they start growing in the spring."

But freezing weather also means peaceful days, especially after the busy tourist season.

"You know, we have some long hours during the summer, but during the winter we work a much more normal schedule and we take a few weeks to actually have a vacation too,” said Reeves.

"Being outside on a January, February day when it's 20 degrees out, but it's a nice sunny day, it's a beautiful place to be, especially with the snow,” Blair said.

And it won't be long before things get busy again.