As Nepal continues to recover following the deadly earthquakes that hit recently, Central New Yorkers are still doing what they can to help. Alexa Green explains how some of the youngest among us are making a big difference.

SYRACUSE N.Y. -- It's been less than two months since a series of earthquakes devastated Nepal -- killing thousands.

Fortunately, 5-year-old Shavia Lakhe's relatives survived the quakes, but their home was destroyed. When his classmates found out, they sprang into action.

"I shared that with the teachers and it just grew. It opened Shavia up, in terms of talking about it to his friends and it it just grew," said OCC Children's Learning Center Director Michele Ferguson.

The students decided to hold a bake sale to raise funds for the victims and on Tuesday, they presented the money to the American Red Cross. In total, they raised $200.

"Every little bit helps. These children here, this $200 will help go to purchase blankets,it will go to help purchase water, it will go to assist our volunteers of which there are over 7,000 from the worldwide Red Cross network," said American Red Cross of CNY Grants Specialist Tom Czajak.

School officials say the donation was also a way for students to learn about the importance of helping others.

"We never think a child is too young to learn important lifelong lessons. So what we're hoping is even at this early age, we're planting the seeds, that we can always help one another," Ferguson added. 

And for Shavia this life lesson had extra meaning.

So far, the Red Cross has provided more than $9 million for disaster relief efforts in Nepal.

How to Donate to the Nepal relief effort