Editor's Note: This story does not reflect the later development that David Sweat was shot and captured. You can find that story here.  

MALONE, N.Y. -- Day 23 of the search for an inmate who escaped Clinton County Correctional Facility is rainy and cold with low visibility in Franklin County, making the job much harder for the more than 1,300 members of law enforcement, who are still combing the area looking for convicted killer David Sweat.

Crews are lining the search perimeter huddled in small groups by fires to keep warm on this unseasonably chilly June Sunday as they continue to keep their eyes and ears peeled for anything suspicious.

The checkpoints that were set-up along Route 30 last week are now gone, instead there are roadblocks cutting off side roads going toward the command center.

Local, state and federal officers are consistently passing through, though yesterday the tactical team for Vermont State Police pulled out of the search after a week of helping.

Sweat's fellow escaped inmate, Richard Matt, was shot and killed Friday by a Border Patrol unit. His autopsy will be performed at Albany Medical Center.

State police want to remind people to report any suspicious activity by calling 911.