'Our Community Salutes of Central New York' recognized 135 enlistees Saturday.

The group is a non-profit organization created to recognize and honor graduating high school students who plan to enlist in the armed services following graduation.

Brigadier General Anthony German swore the enlistees into each respective branch of service.

Those involved say it's a well deserved ceremony.

"They're volunteering to do this and it's really important with everything that's been going on and in the news today. These are very young men and women that very selflessly decided hey I'm gonig to go ahead and take this oath and serve the nation and do what I can for the community. I think it's really great that Ms. Terry the President of OCSCNY recognizes them," said Major Joseph DiDomenico.

'Our Community Salutes of Central New York' recognizes students in 71 school districts across six counties.