It can be hard to eat healthy when you're dining out, but a new eatery in the Syracuse suburbs is getting quite a bit of buzz for its quick and healthy concept. Brad Vivacqua was at Core on Buckley Road in the town of Clay Thursday morning and shares what's on the menu.

CLAY, N.Y. -- Eating healthy is so important to many of our viewers, but it's not always easy.

In two weeks there's been an overwhelming response to the opening of this healthy stop called Core -- which gets you a quick meal in a few minutes.

The eatery is known for its clean greens, grains, and bone broth bowls which include plenty of fresh vegetables.

You can also create your own bowl by selecting your own ingredients from a fresh line of healthy offerings.

The restaurant has certainly been popular on social media as customers have been posting pictures of their fresh lunches.

The concept is to give people on the run a quick healthy alternative.

"We've had a lot of customers, really fascinated with the tastes of the dressings, and the flavors that are in the bone broths.  We think there's something to be said about people eating fresh and healthy that stirs your taste buds up.  And, people are excited about it.  We've been having trouble keeping up," said Jon Caveny, a Core partner.

Caveny says eating healthy is something people are proud about and says social media is helping to attract attention to Core.

He says it's hopeful this location is just the beginning of a number of future locations to come.