SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- It's a way to take a relaxing walk, and pick up a bit of local history in the process.

The creekwalk along Onondaga Lake is now featuring a series of information stations, giving walkers and others a glimpse at the past in the area they are traveling through.

"Historic perspective does add value and makes everything more interesting. It adds depth, and substance, and meaning. And that's basically what we've tried to do with this project here with the creekwalk," said Greg Tripoli, the Onondaga Historical Association executive director.

The new signs also feature technology that allows those with smart phones to view brief films about the area the creekwalk reaches.

Among those films is the only known motion picture scene of Syracuse's salt industry on Onondaga Lake.

The scenes are from a silent film, "A Clouded Name" from 1923, starring Norma Schearer.