Fair fans are getting a taste of summer in the middle of February. Favorites range from the gyros at Kiki’s, potatoes on a stick, to fried dough.

Thousands of people are enjoying a break from the cold at the first Winter Fair. Turnout has exceeded expectations at the Expo Center as organizers say 4,000 people attended on Friday night.

From the moment the doors opened Saturday, people lined up for Pizza Fritte, an August staple. For vendors like Grazi Zazzara, the owner of Villa Pizza Fritte, the Winter Fair is a boost for business. He’s been waiting for this weekend since he packed up his stand last summer.

“It’s more than I expected to be honest with you,” Zazzara said. “This isn’t the whole 100,000 people New York State Fair, but it’s comfortably crowded.”

Just like the summer fair, there are a few crazy concoctions to try like freak shakes, which are milkshakes topped with donuts, cookies, and candy.

“It’s so huge,” said Stephanie, who enjoyed her first sip. “It took 10 minutes to make but that’s fine like it’s worth the wait. It’s really good. It’s like a chocolate shake but there are definitely some hints of cookie in there.”

The fair runs 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.