The snow and cold aren't getting in the way of progress at the New York State Fairgrounds as construction crews are on site for the very beginning stages of building the new year-round expo center.

The 136,000 square foot facility will be the largest event space north of New York City, and between Boston and Cleveland. 

Officials hope to continue to bring in even more large regional events, like horse and industrial shows, big rigs, or even high-end car auctions.

But just how will the facility be used during that big 13-day event at the end of August?

"I think you're going to see some part of it be programmatic, so we'll do exhibits or we'll do a family center or something along those lines. And, the other part of it will be commercial, but it won't be commerical in the sense of these state agencies and the Shamwows that are sold in the Center of Progress Building," said Troy Waffner, the State Fair's acting director. "It will really be something, new and unique and different, and things that we don't currently have on the fairgrounds."

People can expect to see cranes on site starting next week.

The building is scheduled to be done by August 3.